APPS That Help Seize The Snooze


Disappointed about failing your ever-new health challenge? Well, Sleep your way to good health. Yes, it is as easy as that. Good sleep has been proven to have umpteen benefits for both your physical and mental health. It can help you keep your weight in check, maintain a healthy cardiovascular system, reduce stress and keep you alert throughout the day.

While increased use of cell phones and electronic devices emitting radiations, have time and again been blamed for rising cases of insomnia amongst the young generation; there’s a flip side to the coin as well. Following is a list to apps that will assist you snooze better.

Sleep Cycle

It is a new twist to your traditional alarm clock; Sleep cycle maps your sleep patterns through the microphone. You can set a time slot in which to be woken (say 6-6:30), and the app figures out the best time to wake you up. It also permits you to snooze twice by touching the screen.


Much like Sleep cycle it tracks the patterns of sleep and wakes you at a suitable state. Its other useful features include option options to set time for mid-day rests, for instance power naps or full cycle naps. It also apprises you of your heart rate, time taken to fall asleep and REM cycles.

After a day full of intense activity, relaxing the mind is essential for good sleep. The apps listed here provide you with a state of relaxation through sonic effects.


This is can become your bedtime bestie. Pzizz lulls you to sleep with its serene music much like its appearance. You can also listen to narrations in male and female voice. In case that creeps you out, you can always put it off.

Headspace Meditation

This app helps you set your meditation goals while taking care of your workload. It sends reminders throughout the day. A session is only a matter of few minutes. So, if your hectic schedule is taking a toll on your health goals here’s someone to take care.


Much like Headspace meditation it calms your mind at bedtime. The sessions are can be extended over time to slide you to Zen. It also puts up a scenic portrait on the screen for a visual treat. However, one must remember to put the phone on silent to avoid further notification/alerts.


Here is a fallback option if the rest disappoints. It will give you the daily dose of humor or simple story before bedtime. One should take care to use the sleep timer at the bottom which assures longer podcasts don’t wake you up after you have fall asleep.

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