Why Facebook is a Great Way to Reach More People Through Videos


According to the research, over 8 billion videos are watched on Facebook every day. These stats were reported last year so you can imagine what the number would be today as Facebook continues to grow on videos. With Facebook evolving frequently and introducing new features, your videos also must evolve.

  1. Inspire viewers: Inspirational videos get more likes and shares than any sales message. You don’t have to go to a set and work with the heavy crew to create these types of videos. Just start the camera with a proper and attractive background and start speaking from your heart, use a series of quotes, show the confidence which you have or may require and add some light music to it.
  2. Educate your audience: Another type of effective video is to teach something useful or share your knowledge about a particular product. A food network, art & craft, natural remedies, and designs, etc., anything which you are familiar and have knowledge about it make a video and share it on your wall.
  3. Be entertaining: people use Facebook to have fun and relax. Entertain with some humour videos; making an unusual video is easier than anything else. Entertain with behind the scene videos or bloopers or create some funny cartoon videos. You can use a YouTube to Facebook converter as well.
  4. Grab people’s attention in within first 3 seconds of the video: You are all aware that Facebook’s videos auto play when you scroll through the newsfeed, it is to capture users and persuade them to view more. It is important to create large YouTube thumbnail for Facebook.
  5. Add captions to the video: Most of the videos, which auto-play are more likely to be watched without sound. If a viewer cannot understand the video without sound you will more like loose viewers. You can add captions in order to prevent the loosing of viewers. When you upload a video add a caption which tends the people to view your video.
  6. Tag other pages: Another great feature of Facebook is to tag others. You can use tags and try to spread your video. You can easily tag as many of the groups or pages you want. The more you share the more people will get to know about your videos.
  7. Set preferred audience: By setting the preferred audience your video will be shown to the relevant audience. This allows you to set the people you would like to reach. Restricting the audience will allow you to limit the audience and who can see it.
  8. Boost in with FB ads: To promote your videos you can use Facebook ads. Facebook provides a great platform for running ads with your video to reach a larger audience.
  9. Embed videos in blog posts: Just like YouTube, Facebook also has an embed feature available. The videos uploaded are played in the blog posts and others also easily see all the comments on the post.
  10. Use insights: To understand video performance use insights. FB provides features like minutes viewed, video views, which can provide great insights and helps you know which of your videos generated the most engagement with your viewers.

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