Drone Based Smuggling of Phones from Hong Kong


Many of ultra modern phone smugglers have been arrested by the Chinese police, who discern to the proposal to forward restored iPhones in the country from Hong Kong through drone- but not in the ordinary way that anyone could think of.

First cross border drone based smuggling case

China’s Legal Daily conveys the news along with a police press conference that it’s seems like that it is the first case of cross border drone based smuggling.

Even though the methods operated by the smugglers are not illustrated, an image transpires from the details and all the specifications. Significantly, besides from drones themselves, which look like DJI models with dark casing, police have also collected some long wires which are longer more than 600ft.

One at a time, small packages of roundabout 10 phones were sent which took seconds of time to get over the border. In processing, the method for flying the drone up and over the border repeatedly many times is inefficient and also very risky. But phones have to clear all the border obstacles.

How they clear all the border obstacles:

They send the drone over once with all cable attached with it. Co- conspirator on the other side of the border attaches the cable to a fixed point, which could be around 10 to 15ft above the ground. Drone flies back unscrambling the cable, and lands on some distance on to the Hong Kong side. Then smugglers attach a package of 10 phones to the cable with carabiner and then drone flies straight up. When cable arrive at some particular tension then the package slip down the cable, crossing the fence. The drone tumbles down and they repeat it.

The smugglers flutter two 200 meter cables across China and Hong Kong border. It is estimated that each night they were transporting across 15,000 phones to China.

There must be rules and regulation regarding drones, as it has become an important task for Chinese officials. In 2017, Chinese Government published a series of strict rules. Drone owners in China are now required to register the drone which should be of certain appropriate weight using their actual identity. In the world, as it was the first case of smuggling through drone, every other world agency is wondering where all else such operations are being processed. Now China is putting its skies under surveillance for such activities with their own drones.

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