How to Install Netgear ex2700 WiFi Extender


Are you fed up of sticking to only one place to access Internet just because due to the fact that you are getting fast Internet speed here? If the answer to this query is in a big yes, then extenders are the ultimate solution for you.

With thousands of Netgear devices available in the market, users feel quite confused about what device they should choose for them. However, Netgear ex2700 is a useful device that you can rely on. It is a plug and play device, helping you boost your WiFi signals to a great extent.

In this how-to article, we will tell you how to set it up. Allow us to explain you in details.

Know your device

Before performing new extender setup, you must be aware of your device. There are LEDs placed at front panel and buttons are situated on the side panel. And an Ethernet port and the factory reset button are placed at the bottom side.

How it works

Range expanders increase the distance of existing WiFi network. It connects to Internet connection of your network and transmits its own signals. If you are far away from your network, you should connect to the signals of extender instead.

It’s suggested to you that use the extent expander only when you get poor connectivity.

Let’s have a look at the step-by-step guide to install your device.

  1. Put it at an appropriate place

During the initial setup, you have to place it closer to router. After completing the process, you can place it farther away from regular router but within its range.

  1. Apply power

Once you are done with the place, plug your device into a socket. Make sure that it is receiving the proper power supply. Wait for the power LED to turn solid green. In case it doesn’t turn on, press the power button.

  1. Connect to an enabled network

In order to increase the range and coverage of WiFi signals, the next step is to connect your device to an available network. There are two methods to do so: using Netgear genie smart wizard and via WPS.

Both of the methods require you to connect your PC to extender. After that, open a web browser on your desktop and go to mywifiext. Enter default login details like username and password. If you ever changed them, use the current credentials.

Find and connect to the network of extender. As soon as you get connect with it, the LED light will turn on. Choose the network that you want to extend and click on continue button.

If your device has WPS button on it, opt for WiFi Protected Setup (WPS). In this process, you first need to press the button on extender and after two minutes, press it on router.

Now, find the extended network name and connect all your wired or wireless devices with that.

You can now unplug your device and move to the desired place.

  1. Ethernet connections

Use an Ethernet cable and connect your computer or laptop to your device. To do so, install it in a manner so that it gets connected to your current network. Insert one edge of the cable into Ethernet port of your device and second one to your PC’s Ethernet port.

  1. Log in to your extender

After the installation process, you can easily log in to your device and see and customize its settings as per your preferences. For logging in, open a web browser on your computer or laptop and in the address bar, type

A login screen will be shown in front of you. Type in the required details to continue. Now, you can easily change username and password, and other settings of your device.

If you find any query, don’t forget to leave that in the comments section below. We will reach out to you soon.

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