Incredible Concept –MacPad


Everyone likes the wacky and wild concepts that artists always dream about. A digital artist designs a device which amalgamates the best characteristics of a MacBook and iPod Pro. This two in one could be used as a gigantic tablet, crease into a clamshell laptop or organised into a smaller desktop or tablet.

The first ever Phones with bendable screens are anticipated to be launched this plunge, and this device proves that may be possible when foldable displays go usual.


This concept is created by Kevin Noki at Concept iPhone, which is a result of 6 months of hard work of design, animation, edition, and rendering. The device has two edges to edge monitors those can be creased in both directions; you can conveniently use it as a two-sided tablet or one screen. It has created two videos displaying the features of this conceptual MacPad.

About videos:

The video begins with the MacPad pro folded up, then opened like butterfly to recline plan, building a large, landscape-oriented work surface. MacOS come into view, shows that it is a touch screen Mac Book, and not an iOS device. Photoshop starts and a hidden user makes some art work by using Apple Pencil. And Apple Pencil are not being used with current MacBook.

After that the monitor creased in half backward and leaving only half part of the display exposed. And the user carries on working in Photoshop.

Next, the monitor creased the other way, into clamshell organisation. A virtual keyboard comes into view on one half, while remain functions as the display.

The digital artist also presumes a desktop constitution for the MacPad Pro. There will be the stand which could hold the double size screen, at the angle which is right for working. And when you unfold the screen into a big screen it seems ultrathin and like a touch screen iMac.

It has both front and back camera, while front camera is hidden.

Is just an imagination till now?

According to Kevin Noki, it is a perception design not a real product of Apple. So, no one should expect to look it at World Wide Developer Concept (WWDC) 2018. Also Apple has already clarified that they are not interested in combining MacBook and iPad.


For all these assumptions to be become reality we need some more big technological development, more likely in the field of OLED screens.

This concept unlikely seems to come in reality at least with an official logo of Apple on it. But everyone’s is allowed to dream and think anything.

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