Apple’s Anniversary Gift: The Biggest Smartphone & Dual-SIM


Apple is finally going to launch its own version of dual-SIM phones, it will be of the three phones that it is planning to launch this year. The launch also coincides with its 10th anniversary of the first ever mobile handset by Apple. According to a reliable source of the three phones the dual-SIM would be the 6.1 inch and could be possibly priced at $650-$750. Apple is launching its biggest iPhone ever with its 6.5inch (larger than the 6.2inch Samsung Galaxy S9 and the 6.3inch Samsung Note3).

The logic

According to Bob O’Donnell, the launch of the three iPhone from Apple is considered as a very logical extension of the product line. One of the larger, the other one cheaper and the next one is the upgraded version of the iPhone X.

The plan

According to Ming Chi Kuo of KGI securities, these successors will be very much identical to their predecessors the iPhone X at 5.8 inches, a plus size at 6.5 inches and a smaller size at 6.1 inches. The 5.8 and the 6.5 model are going to have the X’s All-Screen OLED multi touch display (super retina HD display). The dual-SIM 6.1-inch variation is going to have a standard LCD Multi-touch display with an IPS technology and more resistant screen. The 6.5-inch phone is getting an OLED option and is possible the largest edge to edge mainstream Smartphone available in the market.


Along with the dual-SIM phones, they will be armed with the screen resolution of 1242×2688 that is equivalent to the sharp resolution of 5.8inch iPhone X. The larger models will include Face Id scanner that unlocks the device. The new cover glass sensor will embed the touch sensor to the glass panel itself.

Although, all the Smartphone come with an LTE+3G Connectivity but the dual-SIM of Apple might come as both SIM supporting the LTE connectivity. The new Dual-SIM will have chips from Intel and Qualcomm for faster LTE transmission. These chips will have 4×4 MIMO technologies, for better and faster transmission speed along with enhanced user experience. The phone will be equipped with the next generation A-12 processors, with stainless steel body and the edge to edge screen the will be complimented with Apple’s upgraded high-end technology.

The Dual-SIM phones are usually very dominant in Asian countries. Many Android Smartphone manufacturers like Samsung and LG already provide dual-SIM. India and China play a major role in the Apple’s adoption of the Dual-SIM technology. The Dual-SIM Smartphone has seen a rise in15 percent growth last year. Apple in India currently holds only around 2 percent of the Indian Smartphone markets. Due to the high import-tax the iPhone is actually highly priced leading to its so-called failure in the Indian Market. Furthermore, Apple is also planning to open up a manufacturing unit in India to curtail the manufacturing cost and which might result in the lower price of the high-end Dual-SIM iPhone.

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