First Holographic Phone


It is the time to forget about Galaxy Note 8 and iPhone 8, Verizon announced that they are going to launch first holographic phone. Until now RED is the Company recognized for its ultra-quality and very expensive video tape hardware but now is announcement of the new amazing phone. RED’s Hydrogen Phone is the Android phone which has a fully 5.7-inch holographic display will be obtainable from this summer.

The RED Hydrogen One processes some other features like H3O Algorithm and uses USB type –c charging unit.

This arrival from a company well known for its camera production, hydrogen phone seems like a vapour ware when it was earliest announcement last August.  The phone assumed to be the world’s first phone which holographic and that offer customers the 3D like experience without any use of glasses.

Specifications and features:

The Smartphone with 5.7-inch display with nanotechnology supports different content types such as 3d, Artificial Reality, 2D holographic red hydrogen 4 -View, Virtual Reality, Mixed Reality, also interactive games. High quality of audio is another feature to dribble over, with its special algorithm that allegedly can convert hi -fi sound to 5.1 encases sound.

This Smartphone supposed to be a device featuring high end spec and design and also some type of Moto z like modularity. You will able to affix modules to your phone to improvise some specifications, the knack mentioned in the Verizon’s declaration.

The weight of the Smartphone is about 2 ounces more than most of the devices and its size is thicker and bigger than as compared to all other devices with 5.7-inch display. Its extra size and weight are powers to manufacturing design and its battery capacity is 4500mAh.

Memory: The Smartphone is coming up with 128 GB of internal storage and also containing micro SD slot for extra memory.

Like RED’s modular cinema cameras:

This holographic phone is all about affixing accessories. Camera extras such as shooting for still images, high quality motion and hydrogen format holographic images; all can be attached. Moreover, the Smartphone can be connected to the Firm’s Scarlet, Weapon cameras and EPIC as an individual control input unit and camera monitor. Just like other RED’s cinema cameras, there is an important red coloured recording knob on the side.


Final pricing of this first Holographic Phone is still not finalized by the company. But it is well known that it won’t be cheap. The Company will start taking pre orders earlier this summer.

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