Will iPhone SE 2 Get the Notch


The notch ever since its inception with Apple’s iPhone X has been a subject of much controversy. It is tiny cutout located on the top powers the facial recognition system of the phone. One major grudge is that the notch leaves less space of vital information like such as the battery percentage. However, it is unlikely that it to obstruct users while browsing sessions or watching videos. Often the notch becomes a unique statement for iPhone.

The Buzz Around SE 2

There is much speculation regarding the design of Apple’s upcoming iPhone SE. Rumor mills are overdrive that the SE 2 (as it is being tentatively called) will have its own notch like its predecessor. The iPhone SE 2 was launched in 2016 and is waiting an update. But the phone is still available for buyers. There have been suggestions that the new SE2 might have a smaller size and design than its antecedent. That could mean it might support wireless charging like iPhone 8/8Plus and X which function with Qi-based wireless chargers.

Another rumor also suggests the headphone jack might be eliminated. While the buzz goes around an online phone store Mobile Fun has already enlisted a glass screen protector for the upcoming SE 2 which features a notch cutout. However, such haste might prove be an undoing as has happened before in 2014.The iPhone announced followed the design as its predecessor and thus failed to meet the expectations of case makers.

Its Features

A mobile expert points to some interesting details about the much-anticipated phone. It must be noted that the notch isn’t simply an aesthetic design on the phone but also has several functional values. It contains the microphone, speaker, dot projector, light sensor, Proximity sensor etc. In case the SE2 is smaller as expected it might be unlikely that Apple might shrink the notch size to fit its new design in a year.

Secondly Apple would not release a phone with both a notch and a chin bezel resembling every other Android phone. One of the main reasons why the iPhone X is expensive is because of screen and technology. The SE is one of the cheapest iPhones. Adding expensive features like that of the notch or a flexible screen would defeat the aim of making it affordable to prospective buyers (as an alternative to larger iPhones).


This might also cannibalize sales for the rumored iPhone9 which claims to use a cheaper LCD screen and a notch unlike the X’s costlier OLED display.

While there is no knowing for certain, it might be helpful to keep some of the details in mind as we set out hopes for the forthcoming announcement from Apple.

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