Who is Better? Crestron, Lutron or Control4?


2018 has widely been tipped as the year where home automation technology will become more widespread. These systems have focused on helping home owners save money, time and energy – and entertaining them in the process.

Recent research has found that there is likely to be an increase of close to $40 million in value of the home automation market by 2020. This has led to the birth of many home automation companies looking to grab a slice of the pie.

With this in mind, we thought we’d take a look at three of the most well-known companies, namely Crestron, Lutron and Control4.


Crestron are well known for unleashing new developments in their technology year after year. With this innovation, coupled with their excellent customer service, they are our recommended home automation company.

Crestron systems are available for everything from lighting to security and temperature control to entertainment. Their installations are easily scalable if required and can be easily adapted to how small or big your home is.

With just a simple click of a button on your smart device, you can quickly turn the lights on or off in any room in your house. There is also motion detection technology which will only switch on lights when you enter and turn off lights when you leave.


Many of you will not have heard of Control4. They are a relatively new home automation company to enter the space. We compared Control 4 to the Creston Home Automation system, and we found out that the Control4 system is less flexible. Additionally, their options in terms of the equipment are limited. Don’t immediately discount them however. Their products are well made and are an inexpensive option compared to Crestron, and it could be argued that their system is more adaptable to smaller installations.


Lastly, Lutron is another well-known home automation company. They are excellent for lighting and this is considered their strongest suit. But, they are upping their game to be a good all-round home automation solution, but we feel they are a couple of years away from really competing with the two companies above. Lutron does not offer audio or video control, so if this is a key feature for you, you should take a look at Crestron.

Have you installed one of these home automation systems into your home? If so, tell us about your experience! For more information, check out https://www.customcontrols.co.uk/blog/crestron-vs-lutron-vs-control4-which-is-best/.

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