Wonderful News for Gamer and Video Editors


There is good news for those who have already using or considering an external GPU for your Mac. Last June, Apple declares that it would add up support to MacOS for external GPUs. Now, just in a year, official support for external GPUs has arrived. Earlier, you had to buy an external GPU dev kit from Apple.

The initial release for 10.13.4, Apple brings several substantial changes and improvements to the front:

Noteworthy Enhancements:

  1. New eject GPU menu bar button
  2. Hot plug external GPU boxes, any log outs is required
  3. GPU fans for Vega 64 no longer run at max speed
  4. MacOS 10.13.4 now properly concede Radeon Vega 64 GPUs in system information

With the latest update of MacOS high sierra, you would able to link number of different graphic cards through thunderbolt 2 port and to Mac and utilize the additional power to accelerate required processes, consisting games and video editing. Apple has particularly highlighted its use for VR.

It probably should not surprise anyone as its Apple we are talking about. But there is also number of limitations just about what you can do with external GPU. Apple is only supporting few of AMD’s Radeon cards, which it already includes in selected Mac. It does not mean GeForce card would not work.


External GPUs will not able to being used on Windows through Boot Camp and when you plugged external GPU into your computer while it was running macOS, it does not mean that it is going to do anything; developer has to enable support for it. So, you also need to have a new enough Mac, as external GPU rely on super fast speed provided by Thunderbolt 3 which include 2016 and 2017 Mac Book pros, 2017 iMacs and iMac pro.

If you are having a pristine machine and using apps that support it, this is a great feature in addition and kind of surprise from Apple. Since external GPU has been really get popularised from the gaming community. The biggest benefit of including thunderbolt 3 ports is that it allows powerful flexibility and those who are willing to spend hundred extra pounds can get even more capable computers than those which they bought, it would be particularly helpful with Mac Book pro who desire light package on the and more power when they plug it in at home or the office.

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