Xbox Adaptive Controller- Bring Accessible Gaming for Disables


Microsoft’s Xbox adaptive controller is extensively proclaimed as the industry’s preeminent, but they are not the one’s which are able to use by everyone. The new Xbox Adaptive Controller is ready to unveil; it is built for those players who need more of modified setup.

This Xbox Adaptive Controller costs $99 takes years in manufacturing, it is a roughly small size thin device.


This Microsoft Xbox Adaptive Controller consisting of two large, round programmable buttons on surface’s top. It also consist a directional pad (D pad), a guide button for Xbox, view menu button and profile button. A 3.5mm stereo receiver jack on left side and USB input on left and right side for left and right thumb stick.

The complete associated collection is divulged on the back of the Xbox Adaptive Controller. For external buttons, triggers and thumb sticks, a line up of 193.5mm jacks is available in addition to a USB C input, DC power adapter input. In total, it consists of 23 accessory inputs and jacks. The aim to create this Xbox is to create an extremely configurable user friendly show piece.

The source unit consists of built in rechargeable battery which works up to 25 hours. The main advantage of this Microsoft’s Xbox Accessory app is that it can be access on both Window 10 PCs and Xbox one.

Collaboration with other organisations:

Microsoft listed the name of organisations which helped in creating the Xbox Adaptive Controller to buoyant. Organisation including the Able Gamers Charity, Craig Hospital, Cerebral Palsy foundation, special effect and wart fighter engaged.

Project team also involve the gamers with different disabilities so that engineer could work over real world challenges that gamers with disability faced.

How to use:

Xbox Adaptive Controller is not the only controller for accessible gaming. Though we could consider it as a new core for an extensive range of adapters and other devices to provide more accessible gaming and allow the gamers to regulate their own setups with a minimum aggravate.

To complete all the specific needs of the gamers Microsoft provided suitable USB input, 3.5mm jacks, buttons, triggers, thumb sticks and joy sticks.

There is exact information about when is Xbox Adaptive controller is going to launch, but the design is final. The product is ready to launch and might get launch within one month.

This Xbox Adaptive Controller is the first such product which focuses on the special requirement of the gamer, if more similar products get available in the market for impaired gamers then this will provide variety for them to choose the best.

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