Five Factors To Check Before Calling For AC Repair

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Is Summer on? Is your AC running continuously to provide your family cool air in the home? If you are staying in an apartment in a urban city such as Bangalore, then you may definitely require an air conditioner. And it is also a worthy investment. But similar to other electronic equipment, it can also suffer from problems. Please note, if one part goes out of order, then it can affect the other parts and the overall cooling efficiency of the unit.

If you are getting less cool air in the appliance, then it needs to be serviced. You need to call an experience AC technician. But kindly check these tips before you call for AC repair.

1. Power

Are you finding difficult to turn the AC on? It means, the appliance is not receiving any power. It is mandatory to put your eyes on the circuit box. The reason – tripped breaker. Not able to make any progress? Then go for the thermostat. Is it in cool as well auto modes? Ensure you set the temperature in the thermostat five degrees below the reading line. The system will definitely start. In case, the display on the thermostat does not work, then it is time to change the batteries.

2. Drain Problems

So, you checked the thermostat and every part is fine, even the batteries and wires. Breakers are also normal. Now, shift your gaze to the indoor air handler that pools water. Every air conditioner is in-built with a safety feature which makes the air conditioner go to the shut-off mode if water flows over the condensate pan. Shall we look into the details?

Water condensation from the evaporator coil goes into the condensate pan. It, then goes to a drain tube. If the drain pipe becomes blocked, the pain gets filled with water, then the float switch gets into action. It results in the shutting down of the air conditioner. So, you can empty the pan, flush the drain. The unit will start operating again.

3. Air Filter

If you find the air conditioner gets activated and then switches off, there may be a problem with the filter. It may suffer from clogs, and then lead to damaging the blower motor and put the dent in your energy budget. The cooling cost may suffer a hike up to fifteen percent. The air conditioner time-line will reduce considerably. It is always advisable to check the air filter once in a month.

4. Air Ducts

Sometimes, you may face uneven temperatures from one room to the another room. There may also be no air flow from either of the vents. In some situations, you get rattling as well as clamoring noises. The reason, you may have loose connections or entirely disconnected air ducts. There are also chances that the air ducts may have become dirty.They may not be a vital component of the air conditioner, but the air ducts are the main reason for making the environment cool for your home.

5. Inspect Outside Unit

You should check one more area of the air conditioning system before making the call. Ensure the outside unit is free from obstacles which prevents the air flow via the grills. The condenser coil may be filled with dirt, debris. So the heat released outside may suffer hindrance. And so, the degradation of cooling.


Check the power is on. When the entire neighborhood has no power, it is natural that the air conditioner does not work. So, first check, if the house has power. If you have checked every trick and still there is no chance of problem, then the AC has to be looked over by a qualified technician. But how will you search in a vast city such as Bangalore? Let us imagine, the warranty period has also expired.Please note, a new set of companies have emerged in the market which provide top quality handyman professional services right at the customer’s doorstep. You can also opt for best AC repair and services in Bangalore. All you have to do is to download the app of the company, and book for the specific service as per your convenience. You will receive a call before the concerned time to know the requirement. On the scheduled date, the qualified technician will come and conduct an inspection. Then, he will submit a quotation. On your approval, the work will start and the device will be restored to normal. The fees – as per the trend in the market. And no hidden charges.

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