The New Siri Shortcut In iOS 12


The Apple recently released an update to the Worldwide Developers Conference Apple launched a major update to Siri and iOS with Shortcuts. This development has maximized potential for smart assistant to apple users and app developers.

Shortcuts in the iOS 12 performs the tasks that one usually performs inside apps. The only difference is that these oft required actions can now be performed outside apps much swiftly. Shortcuts are prompted by tapping a button or by voice using Siri.


At the very elementary Shortcuts help perform quotidian tasks. This can be single step action like, something as simple as ordering a coffee. It can also be a complicated task which needs the usage of multiple apps. An example which was displayed onstage by Apple was accessing information about hotel reservation using the kayak app. Instead of launching the app one can just use the new “add to Siri” function. Once the task is added to Siri one needs to record just a phrase to get going. In case of the given example, it was “travel Plans”. Once enabled using the recorded phrase with Siri the information will be brought directly to you without having to launch the app.


These shortcuts can be more useful. Those who have used the Workflow app might have an idea as to how it helps to sync multiple apps for a single process. Like this app the Shortcuts will use drag and drop interface so that you can add specific triggers. For instance, you can set up you can set up a shortcut for daily shuttle that will give you directions, set your thermostat and start playing favorite radio station. All this can just be started off with you saying, ‘Siri I am going home”. However, the Shortcuts will still require some more work from the developers to be fully advantageous to its users.


Creating these customized shortcuts may be a little time-consuming affair. Not everyone might be drawn to the effort. But even if you are not interested to go through the manual procedure of creating Shortcuts you can still benefit from the new feature. Siri Suggestions maps your common activities and based on them gives you suggestions. For example, if you regularly set up the Do Not Disturb mode after waking up, iOS 12 will proactively send you notifications to do so. Or, if order a item more often for meals, you will receive a pop up notification on your screen to do so.

So, whether you tap into the powerful Shortcuts or prefer the easy suggestions Siri’s new wonders will certainly make your life a bit smoother.

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