New Less Creepy Send and follow Location Feature- Snapchat


Previously Snapchat introduced the location feature Coordinate –broadcasting Snap Map which always remain on and proved a little bit invasive for some of the Snapchat users. Now Snapchat has come up with the new location feature. Now you can send your progressing instantaneous location to your friend and also you can request them to share their location which will show on your Snap Map and inside your message thread.

More private feature:

Importantly, it is not the overseas and weird idea of providing varied swath of your contact access to your location through Snap map rather it is built for sharing your location with your closed ones only. It is more private feature not like as Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram which are pitilessly exploiting their copies of stories. It provides best shot at privacy, close friend features as of this and transient messaging.

Two directional:

This feature only works in case, you are requesting to the person who is following back to you that is it only work out with bi directional chum. Therefore, you cannot request your beloved Snap star if they are not following you back. You can do this by pressing long on a friend’s name or hit the three lines button on the chat thread; you will find the option of sending and requesting location. If people are spamming you, then you can also turn off the getting request from your settings.

More about this feature:

Your location via this feature will only get revive live for eight hours considering your last opening of your app. You can also abandon anyone’s access at any time by snap map. You will have to go through the location permission flow first, if you have never allowed it.

Who knows what?

By allowing users plunge their toes in, Snapchat can get more active users on Snap map. It had hit 35 million viewers daily, after it launched in June 2017, but according to the dripped data the number was just 19 million and which get sinker by November. When it was launched on web in February, the Snapchat said that it had 100 million users per month but it has never shared its user figures and in place of that it relies on daily counts. This monthly stat shows the insecurity about its popularity.

Snap Map– Best Differentiator

Along with this new discover snap map proved to be the one of the best app’s differentiates. Investing in enhancement of its features is wise choice.

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