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Snapchat seems to be working on something new and interesting. It has try out many games by adding them like a element of Snapchat from last few months but now it has ready for some bigger investment. Few weeks back snapchat introduce the location feature. According to The Information, the company is planning to present a gaming platform which fall within the photo app. It has already aligned at least one gaming developer to make a title for its new platform.

Snapchat –Something more than just sharing quick photos or videos

Snapchat, the app which lets the user to send a quick photo or video with all sorts of features and overlays has flirted with idea of adding game like features in order of more interaction. According to the report the proper games are coming shortly this year.

This imaginary gaming platform is proposed to be a full in app area for user to browse and select games of their liking.

But Snapchat has refused to comment on the report given by The Information; this implies that this information has not yet been confirmed. But the gaming platform seems to fit with the updates which company recently done. The earlier has introduced Snappables that let you play mini games with your different expressions of face, touch or motion. The game connected the users with friends as well by letting them to compete against each other by displaying off everybody’s high scores which was a small feature that result in taking some more time from people. And before some weeks, Snapchat has unbolted its application for third party developers.

Look more like old Facebook

All this shows a lot of similarities to strategy of Facebook almost a decade ago. In 2007, the Fcaebook, launched its platform to bring developers with their apps directly into Facebook. And afterwards gaming took off with developers like Farmville and Zynga. But later the company step out from this strategy as all these games appears to be spammy after some time.

Snapchat CEO, Evan Spiengel has promised that its developer platform is not at risk of unintentionally leaking user data to third party. But it cannot be denied that earlier gaming was proved to be boon to Facebook once upon a time, and same could be happen with Snapchat as well.

Even Wall Street was seen warily sanguine about their move as Snapchat’s stash ticked up somewhat following from The Information’s report.

Smart move

Introducing the gaming platform is considered as the smart move by the social media app. Not only it boon the engagement of current users by giving them the reason to spend more time on the app, also it brings the lot of money as casual mobile game is the way to make more money for apps.

If Snapchat could incentivize publishers to create either Snapchat ready spin offs or exclusive games with popular titles, which could be proved to be big hit for Snapchat.

Let’s just wait and see what is there new to come.

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