SCADA Systems and Machine Control overcome the Smart city challenges

How Can SCADA Systems and Machine Control Overcome the Smart City Challenges of Today?

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There are many words you can use to describe the urban sprawls of India, but ‘smart’ certainly isn’t one of them. After all, one need only take a look at the massive levels of traffic that – among other things – are caused by unplanned development. From small roads to poorly-placed streetlights, there is no end to the problems that are plaguing the cities of India.

However, if the mentality right now is that we have failed to meet the smart city challenges entirely, then trust us when we tell you that this couldn’t be further away from the truth. The fact of the matter is that there are still many initiatives that can be taken to ensure that these problems that our country’s cities are experiencing can be mitigated to an extent. In fact, if a proper building management system is implemented, then it must be said that the urban landscapes of today will transform into the smart cities of tomorrow.

However, simply showcasing a positive mentality when it comes to tacking these smart city challenges is not enough to ensure that the problems plaguing our metropolitan landscapes will become a thing of the past. As a collective, we need to adopt the latest technologies involved in any successful building management system and see to it that these innovative technologies are utilised to their fullest extent. There are two systems in particular that need to be implemented sooner than later if one is serious about tackling these smart city challenges:

  • SCADA Systems

SCADA stands for Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition, and has transformed into one of the most sought after systems around, regardless of any industry specifications. Obviously, in the context of this particular article, another major area where SCADA systems can help accelerate the pace of productivity is smart city development.

What SCADA software basically does is gather all the relevant data involved in a particular process or processes, and streamlines this collected data in such a manner that only the relevant statistics are analysed. After this process is completed, the management can figure out the best course of action that can be taken to construct new processes and optimise existing ones, so that there are little to no problems actively plaguing a certain activity.

scada systems

In the context of smart city development, SCADA systems can help you map out the development process and realise the pain points that are actively slowing down your development. Once you’ve managed to figure out this roadblock, steps can be taken to mitigate this problem and improve the overall state of a particular city.

However, while SCADA is mostly suited to take care of existing processes – after all, data can only be gathered after a specific process has been going on for a while – there are times when the goal of smart city development involves the creation of particular urban landscapes from the ground up. This is where the next form of technology comes into play.

The first thing that you need to accomplish when it comes to smart city development is the mapping out of a particular process, before you even think about initiating this task. If you feel that a certain city was not mapped out when the process of construction had even started, then there’s a pretty substantial chance that you may actually be right in this regard. Most cities – especially in India – have been developed without any hindsight, which has invariably led to a lot of problems in the long run.

This is where the concept of machine control can end up being quite helpful. For the uninitiated, machine control uses 3D models and GPS systems to accurately gauge the position of earthwork machinery, so that one doesn’t drill themselves into a corner. By striving to maintain positional accuracy at all times, the smart city challenges that might seem hard to face at one point will end up being a breeze to tackle.

So, by adopting the two technologies mentioned above, what might seem like a messy urban sprawl can actually transform into a gem of a city, which has been planned so meticulously that little to no problems might arise for any person who is currently residing in this particular metropolis. Cities like Barcelona are a great example of just how beneficial smart city development can be in the long run, and it must be said that if the major cities in India choose to tackle the problem of smart city development in India seriously, then the end result can prove to be absolutely spectacular, in more ways than one.

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