A Relieving Gift From Chrome- Mutes Auto Play Video

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 A welcome relief

Finally, a relieving feature of chrome that silences the irritating background sound of the auto play videos. Remember how much it annoys you when in complete silence, the auto play video starts off and you have to rush to mute the disturbing sound.

Well, now we have a backup and this amazing feature of chrome is itself the knight in the shining armor. It will mute all the troublesome all the auto play video by default. It is a part of the update of google chrome 66, for the desktop browser and the mobile. So, you don’t have to manually mute the sounds of the auto play videos, but you will still have the videos playing in the background.

The layout

Initially, it was devised for the chrome 64 update, but it was held back for the chrome 66. The video in the browser in this option will play automatically if the sound is on, or if the user has previously shown interest in the media in the particular site. The video will play if the user has clicked or used the site, or if the user has added the site to the home screen (mobile only). If the but if the media of that site starts to annoy you after you have interacted with that particular site, you can take a step forward and mute the whole site.

All the aspect taken care of

Well, that’s not all google has taken great care and precision in this relieving feature out laying out. To allow any media to be auto played, the video has to pass the MEI or the Media Engagement Index. This index measures as to how frequently the user interacts with the media and if the user has visited the site at least five times. The explanatory document of MEI lays out the frequency and the relevance of the media concerning the user at the other end. The media must be significant enough with the minimum frame size, audio and time frame all these criteria must be met for at least seven seconds. Videos that do not meet these criteria are not listed for auto play.

According to Google this relieving feature is meant for the media heavy website that depend on these auto play videos for their experience.

With over 1 billion Google Chrome users, the developers have tried to be flawless and stringent with the upgraded. The developers have to keep in mind the ever-changing environment and the demands of the fast-growing platform. The features are compatible to Mac, Windows, Linux android and iOS. Thus, making the web media development more predictable across all the platform of the user. This will give better control over media playing in the browser of the user. On the part of the publisher it will also become easier to execute and administer in a better way as to where the media should have implemented for the better availability for the user.

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