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Whoever alleged that the past reiterates itself was seriously on to something. In the last few years, we have observed that the renaissance of the things like Polaroids, Nokia 3310, turntable and vinyl records those we have loved last year. However, the one item which makes people buzzing is Mighty which the only MP3 player that can load the iPod Shuffle sized gap in everybody’s heart.

Things to know about this amazing Spotify:

  • Previously, you could only able to listen to any artist, playlist or album in shuffle mode. But now you will get on demand access to most popular 15 playlists, out of which many of them customized and modified according to your preferences.
  • The MP3 player has 8 GB of internal storage, which could be enough for storing about 1000 songs.
  • It has 5 buttons for playback control and one button in the upper right is for switching between playlists.
  • May not be the first ever MP3 device but it is first ever on the go Spotify MP3 player which does not require any Smartphone, only you need is internet connection for streaming your favourite playlists.
  • It flawlessly performs with your Spotify Premium account and with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi enabled, revitalizing your synched music routinely.
  • It is well suited with Bluetooth and speakers and can also work with wired headphones auxiliary cords with 3.5mm jack.
  • This amazing Spotify is drop and water resistance, works as a perfect remote for music in the shower and battery work up to 5 hours with wired headphones and work up to 4 hours with wireless ones.

The full list of free playlists is not yet revealed but it will contain Release Radar, Daily Mix, Today’s Top Hits, Discover Weekly and hip-hop list rap caviar. All known is that there are about 750 total tracks accessible for listening.

You can find these mighty Spotify in three different colours, Crush Orange, Shikaka White and Lola Black.

Contains ads

The free tunes won’t be free from commercials. If you want ad free experience of listening than you should pay for Spotify Subscription.

Concluding that this is the first ever device which allows you to play Spotify without your Smartphone. Also, you can play the Spotify with Smart TV. Earlier, it costs $85.99 but now the prices are dropped to $79.99 may be for some temporary period.

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