Have you Ever Been Kept a Track on! If not, Read Through it.

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A technical consultant and web developer named Dylan Curran shared some of the alarming findings that might give someone and appalling experience after finding that Google keeps a record of the person once the person switches in his or her phone and also a timeline of that person is also being kept at a track as to where the person is or have been or from where he or she has started using the Google. The person’s phone history or search history is also being kept as a record by Google such that even if the person deletes his or her’s phone’s history or search history it won’t affect the database of the Google unless and until the person deletes it from all the devices along with his or her phone.

 There is also an astonishing fact about Google that it keeps the advertising profile based on the particular person’s information and could also calculate his or her possible body weight. Google also stores all the information on every app and extension and also tracks on how often the person uses it, when the person uses it and also with whom he or she is interacting with the record where the person is using that particular app or extension.

Furthermore, another startling fact about Google is that it also has a storage of information regarding one’s YouTube history. Google knows whether the person is going to be a parent or whether he or she is conservative or progressive. Also, through the YouTube history data Google knows that whether the person is Jewish, Christian or Muslim. Moreover, Google also knows if the person is feeling depressed or suicidal or anorexic. The amusing thing is that if any of the interested users like to copy the Google data then the task will seem next to impossible as the file size is about three million word document.

Another Jolting thing is about Facebook which could give one Goosebumps after knowing that Facebook stores every message one has ever sent in addition with all the contacts of one’s phone and also stores each and every audio message one had ever sent or received. Also, Facebook saves each and every data about the posts one has ever liked and what the two of the persons talking about. Moreover, with the addition of storing all the applications that are or ever linked through Facebook; it also stores data about person’s timing of when he or she log in or logout.

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