Mind Your Keys as Microsoft is Now Banning Obscene Content!

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There is a new term allotted with Microsoft nowadays that if one cannot mind their language a procedural banning scenario will happen regarding their offensive usage of words. It is under surveillance that Microsoft will be updating its terms of service from 1st of May just in case to make a prohibition against the usage of offensive language on several of its platforms. Xbox and Skype are the most hit on platforms regarding this issue of offensive usage of words.

It might be heartbreaking news of Xbox lovers but the news is no vain as Microsoft is itself banning profanity of its Xbox live platform. The decision is worth taking and the let the world see this addictive platform sinking furiously. All kinds of things gets prohibited under this including nudity.

The new code of conduct thus imply that by agreeing to the terms and conditions, one would agree that he or she will follow the rules while using its services. It has also inscribed that no public display or usage of services that promotes the sharing of inappropriate content or material will be entertained rather it will get banned. The inappropriate content includes nudity, bestiality, pornography, the use of offensive language, violence related to graphics and any kind of criminal activity. These kinds of activities will not be entertained. It is also scripted under the Terms of Service (TOS) that if violating of terms will be examined then Microsoft would stop providing services to the user and might close the Microsoft account. Moreover it could also happen that the user may get blocked by its delivery of communication to or from the services. Also, as read by TOS; the user content might get refused to publish or might be removed for any reason.

TOS (Terms of Service) further reads that on investigating alleged violations of the terms; Microsoft has the right of reviewing the content on order of resolving the issue. The Company will hence will be giving a regular response over the complaints and will also be monitoring the services for the naughtiest masses who will be breaking the code of conduct. Few of the Xbox Live titles has the matter of graphic violence related to it; so, if this top-notch company wants to chase its violators of the terms then Microsoft just need to look over the games of its own platform.

The issue of Skype chats or video calls with your over distant lovers or relatives will also be under the banning procedural of found violating any of the terms.

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