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A lot of people might come across with disputes about the viability of applying for the PHP program in the development of IT services and products. There are a lot of publications, emotional and frustrated programmers write most of them, are stressing out all the disadvantages as well as the limitations of using PHP as its central framework.

Even online websites that offer app development services like uses the PHP software. At the business owner’s standpoint, they may also start hesitating whether PHP is suitable for their projects or in their business on general or not. Is the situation that bad?

If so, why more or less 80% of all web services still use PHP to code their websites? Why is PHP the language of choice of BlaBlaCar, Spotify, Slack, and other leading brands in the market today?

Well, first thing first, due to the language’s great community and open-source nature, PHP is always upgrading. The performance is getting better and better with every progress of their framework and each time they release a new version.

This advantage is why PHP is very popular among web developers and business owners. From e-commerce solutions to websites, from startup companies to more established organizations, PHP is the language of choice for IT and web developing projects for some reasons.

Its open-source functionality can save a lot of money

One of the things that makes IT and web developers loyal to PHP is the fact that it is freely and readily available for everyone to use. Everyone who wants to use it doesn’t need to download or pay licensing fees because it is an open-source a distributed under General Public License. To know more about General Public Licensing, visit

And because it is free and can save users a lot of money, it results in a large and active international following. It leads to continual advancement and enhancement in the language’s functionalities with impressive facilities and resources. There are at least hundreds, if not thousands of PHP-based companies whose effectiveness has already been tested, so, other users do not need to spend money on reinventing the wheel.

To be objective, though, it should be mentioned that the benefits of using PHP sometimes become a more significant threat to projects. Availability and the fact that it is straightforward to use lowers the threshold for career development, and in some cases, leads to a decrease in quality. So, the choice of professional web developers and team with proven skills is always an issue.

PHP development is less time-consuming

The language is partially an object-oriented scripting language. It makes recycling of codes possible. Reusable language components will save a lot of effort and time, not to mention money, in the development process. There are a lot of frameworks that are made using PHP like CodeIgniter, Joomla, Symfony, Laravel, and WordPress.

Each one of them carries their very own functionalities and can offer secure and fast development in their specific areas of specialty. PHP is intentionally optimized for making a different kind of web application quicker and more effective.

It has built-in functionality like accessing the POST and GET as well as working with URLs and HTML properly. For most businesses, it means that money and time that are spent on development will decrease and the IT services and products built on PHP can start the Return on Investment much earlier.

If you want to see all the functions and methods used in PHP programming, click here.

The code is integrative

One advantage of PHP is its flexibility and versatility. The code is very compatible with most major platforms like Unix, windows, and Linux to MacOS. It also supports most servers, including Microsoft IIS, iPlanet, Apache, Xitami, Netscape, Tornado, and more or less 20 databases like MongoDB, MySQL, and PostgreSQL.

That is why PHP is always chosen by most developers to create cross-platform apps. It allows organizations and businesses to leverage existing projects with minimal spending. Since PHP is an embedded scripting language, it meets the integration need easily.

Though it is recommended to use the language with HTML, it can successfully integrate with WML, JavaScript, XML, and other scripting languages. When you are using PHP, there are no real problems with browser exposure since all the codes are compiled in the server. If you want to know the basics of HTML, visit this site.

Projects go through functionality changes all the time. With PHP, it is possible to use them irrespectively due to its active nature. You can use them without any time-loss, and the stages of development will not depend on whether they are used respectively or not.

Services that are PHP-based are well-documented and scalable

Regarding Return on Investment, businesses and organizations sometimes win when the IT solutions are built on a new version of the software. It allows launching a variety of modules of the software steadily and making the right amendments in the course of development.

When you are using PHP, it is possible to support and develop scalable projects and continue to generate multiple pages with different settings. PHP codes are characterized by excellent documentation and transparency. It will take less time to know and understand all the details in what’s going on in their codes when it is well-written. You can also safely organize constant development with less risk of dragging the projects in case you need to change your team or your web developers.

The software is easily updated and maintained

Because it has an easily decipherable syntax, the PHP code can be freely changed and modified. It means that there is no problem updating and maintaining PHP-based websites and projects. They are cost-effective and quickly adjusted to unique and fresh applications that enter the market and to new business requirements.Want to know more about PHP syntax and semantics, visit

And because of the open-source contribution, the new functions meet with the emerging needs of organizations and businesses without any additional costs. And, because PHP code can be written continuously and distinctively, support and maintenance can be proved by any developers or team, not obligatory to the developers or the team that started the project.

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