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The newly tech demos known as Festo’s  flashy biomimetic robots are much cooler to use and enough for a human Being to brag about it. As a matter of fact these robots critters won’t be doing any serious work so as of now they are not of much use to the masses. The latest models of these robot critters are just an imitation of animals like a tumbling spider and a flying fox which may also be called as big bat.

Another technological item- BionicWheelBot isn’t anything newly startling or you may call haven’t been seen before as it also fulfil the trait of a walking robot. Moreover by some great inventions hexapodal locomotion is also an achievement gained with the help of countless roboticists. Also, a recent project had been taken place in order to attempt to capture the spontaneity of an insect’s gait.

The never ever watchers of Star Wars prequel could find this a tricky new invention to ponder on as it uses the legs situated on both the sides to form the wheel and propels itself with the last of its pair. This invention is rather mush useful for blowing the wind or you may call for getting downhill which is often a common characteristic of some spiders and insects too. The BionicWheelBot sometimes might seem to be in a fix after being knocked over and it had no effect on it after getting dropped off the end of the table or getting rolled over the Festo video. This device is quite fast in movement.

Now comes another robo-critter which is nothing but called as BionicFlyingFox, which is model resembling to enormous fruit bats which bears that name. Just like all the flying species it too possesses the same property and is emphasized more over its lightness and simplicity. These common traits allow the robot to make flapping around movements in a more realistic way and the device is more or less set aloft for a time. Its movement is just considered like a distant forebear- a Festo’s bird).

This robotic invention is another imitation robot of flying mammals that sustain strong but light and flexible membrane that forms their wings. Moreover, the Festo bot astonishingly uses a elastane material which is a modified version which will seem some sort of a super-Spandex. This material won’t crease up easily and ill remain long lasting.

One could get the best of his or her experience of seeing majestic robeasts which would be demonstrated at a robotics conference.

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