Smart Protection and Management Systems are Enhancing The Electrical Industry

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Even though electric systems have transformed a lot since their inception, it is still changing. Technological and innovative advancements are a big reason for the transformation in these systems, and more importantly the need for them.

Earlier, the grid systems used were not very reliable and had a tendency to fail, they used a lot of electricity, and with the increasing complexity of the new technology, it became difficult for the old grid systems to cope up. To solve this problem something had to be developed, so Advanced Distribution Management System (ADMS) was introduced. ADMS had better efficiency, better outage response and was a lot more efficient than the regular grid system.

The system was much more secure and reduced operation costs, with all these benefits the standard grid system was replaced by ADMS. This was not it, the challenges in the electrical industry kept arising, new technologies required new electrical systems to cope up and simultaneously look after the environment. Another advancement that took place was in the transformer, as for decades liquid type transformers were used which could leak oil and cause damage to earth, were inefficient etc.

Dry Type Transformers were better in all regards and did whatever the liquid type transformers couldn’t. The world is changing, and electric motors are used everywhere in cars, fans, electronic appliances, etc., so it very important for us to supply these motors electricity efficiently to save them from any damage, and to overcome this problem protection relays have been introduced for motor protection.

Distribution management systems have been able to cope with all the technology that has been introduced and has made power distribution of efficient and flawless, and with the addition of the medium voltage switchgear system, it isn’t far from perfect. Medium Voltage switchgear is now available in all forms of insulation like air, gas or shielded solid insulation, with higher reliability and better insulation they have become the choice.

Companies like Schneider Electric offers all of these products as they believe in innovating and creating, with these kinds of products in their portfolio it shows that how well it is updated. With these inventions, it clears one thing which is, that humans are trying their best to invent something new while keeping our planet in mind. It is crucial for us to consider the after effects an invention, if we have taken so much from our mother earth, then we must be a responsible earthling and keep the planet free from harmful toxins.

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