The Onion Promises It Won’t Stop Trolling Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg

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The Onion is in the trade of making fun about anything in the news. But this time, the satirical site emerges to have trained its fire o Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg.

Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook CEO is getting a tang of what occurs when you displease The Onion. The mocking news site has been persistently trolling Facebook and Zuckerberg from last few days and assures it is the beginning only.

Continuously mocking

Where the mocking site is known for just making fun about anyone and everyone in the public, the journal has been continuously trolling Facebook, more than as usual. Four posts not in favour of Facebook were pinned to the top of its Homepage of the Friday, out of which three points the Zuckerberg by name or characterize his photo.

Since Thursday, the publication’s published in total of 11 posts on Facebook, holding point towards at everything from Zuckerberg’s charitable inventiveness to the company’s apology advertisement.

Skewered the social network

In an announcement from The Onion’s editor in chief, the reason behind this attack is that how Facebook has disloyal to billions of people and is wounding off publishers’ web passage.

He said that the world’s largest colander of personal data, Facebook has turned out as an unwanted interloper between The Onion and audience. They had 6,572,949 followers on Facebook who obtain an ever-diminishing amount of the content they publish on the network. He claims that Mark Zuckerberg has continuously betrayed the trust of billions of people and what they have seen over the past 48 hours is only the pour of iceberg.

It is not clear if any one happening prompted the site’s anger, but a spokesperson of Fusion Media Group, David Ford descried this article, with the title “Daddy, I don’t want to live in the world your website has created”.

Why this much of criticism

It may be possible that The Onion has problem with the recent changes in Facebook’s algorithm, which changes has less prioritized the news articles in good deed of other Facebook posts. And provided that the Onion’s ironical articles are in a way of fake news.

The Onion’s anti Facebook branching campaign is also twigging out into multi media. Over twitter they had shared an audio that suggests to Zuckerberg and his colleagues were making fun of a teenager’s leaking out message on the social media.

Unsurprisingly, Facebook did not respond to the request for comment.

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