What Experts Say About HIPAA Penetration Testing

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Though we are living in a digital era, still many healthcare organizations are not aware of HIPAA penetration testing. Do you how HIPAA penetration testing can be quite useful in discovering vulnerabilities associated with your organization’s security. To combat a hacker, it is exceptionally required thinking in the same way as a hacker. And penetration testing is a form of ethical hacking used in the favor of any organization to make sure that its security is not being hacked internally or externally. There are so many areas associate to an organization to pay attention while doing penetration testing including

  • Storage methods
  • Policies and procedures
  • System software
  • Workflow processes
  • Employee training

Significance Of Penetration Testing

To put in simple words, a penetration test can be called an MRI for your organization’s data environment to make sure that there is no hole in your security.

  • HIPAA penetration testing analysts discover the potential weaknesses
  • The well-experienced penetration tester exploit vulnerabilities
  • They examine your business properly to see the potential problems in your security system
  • Penetration testing is an ideal way to discover beyond the automated vulnerability scanning

Types Of Penetration Tests –

There are prominent two types of penetration tests and it completely depends on your security needs that what type would be right to choose; internal or external penetration test.

  • Internal Penetration test – This HIPAA penetration testing type means having penetration testing within your organization network.
  • External penetration test – As it depicts with its name, pen testers test probably needs to get done in an open public network outside your organizational network

What Experts Suggest About Penetration Testers –

Ideally, you need to choose a fully credentialed 3rd party. A penetration tester should be equipped with a Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) certification or should hold a license of LPT, stands for Licensed Penetration Tester, from a reputed organization. The penetration tester should also has a minimum of 2-years’ security experience along. According to the experts, you need to be careful while hiring the Penetration testers since it requires that they should have enough knowledge about their job. The most important areas are mentioned below-

  • Blackhat attack methodologies
  • Internal and external testing
  • Web front-end technologies
  • Operating systems
  • Scripting languages
  • Web application programming languages
  • Web APIs
  • Network technologies
  • Networking protocols
  • Testing tools
  • Segmentation testing

Factors Affect a Penetration Test Cost –

This is the most frequent question that what is all about the cost of pen test. Actually the penetration test cost depends on various factors mentioned below –

  • Complexity – Yes!!! Complexity of your business environment and the size of your organization are two prominent factors can affect pricing.  The more complex environments need more labor.
  • Methodology – What HIPAA penetration testing methodology would be used including the tools is the next factor on the list.
  • Experience – The well-experienced penetration testers assure you about the expected and quality based results. The pen testers having credentials like CISSP, GIAC, CEH, and/or OSCP allude that they are certified and having enormous experience in this field.
  • Onsite – The onsite pen tests are prone to a bit costly as it can also cover physical security or social engineering pen test.

If you are in doubt about the security of your organization, you should go ahead saying yes to “HIPAA penetration testing.It brings you out of confusion and makes you at peace regarding the security of your organization.

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