What’s the difference between Dedicated Hosting and Shared Hosting?

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If you own a website you need to take a call on whether you are going to opt for shared hosting or dedicated hosting. In this article we are going to do a thorough analysis so that you can decide for yourself which one is the best for you. Here you can find the difference between dedicated hosting and Shared Hosting also goes by the name Virtual Hosting. Here a service provider rents you his equipment for your server for a fixed amount of fee. They handle everything from bandwidth, security and even the backup of all your important files.  The same equipment is shared with many other websites and so it’s quite possible that the traffic routed to your website is affected due to the other websites managed by the same server.

Contrast it with Dedicated Server Hosting and you get a bigger margin on not only efficiency but also security, bandwidth and less glitches. Here your website is hosted by a server dedicated to only you which ensures that there is no variation or any issue in the traffic generated by your website.

IP Address:

All the websites sharing the server will have the same IP Address. Trouble arises if some of the websites are notorious for spamming or other undesirable activities as your website also bears the brunt. Discretion to choose a good host goes a long way in Shared Hosting.

You get your unique IP address in dedicated hosting. It’s like your website having an address of its own. The benefits of having your own IP address are numerous.

Response Time& Bandwidth:

In Shared Hosting, the response time is automatically longer as it is catering to more than one website and thus the overall efficiency and the experience of using your website takes a hit. There is a limited Bandwidth available for your website.

In Dedicated Server you have the entire server to yourself so, response time is much less when compared to shared server. This ensures that the overall experience is smooth without any lag and adds on to the traffic to your website. Unlike Shared Server there is no limit on Bandwidth in Dedicated Server.

Server Crashes:

Negligence in monitoring the activities on server by the third party or overloading of server may lead to its crashing. In Shared Hosting it is quite frequent.

In Dedicated Hosting, you have the entire server to yourself. The probability of server crashing is very low. Also, it goes without saying that you enjoy a greater deal of control in Dedicated Hosting. There is freedom to bring in different programming and applications and anything that you need for the smooth running of your website


In Shared Hosting you are sharing the server with many other users, so the money is also split accordingly. The web server provider takes care of the maintenance and monitoring of the server. So you needn’t worry about it.

In Dedicated Server, the maintenance and monitoring will be done by you. It means there will be investment in Security and regular routine checks. So, the cost goes higher.

Hardware and Security:

Hardware & Proper security is provided by the service provider in Shared Hosting.

As you are in Control of the server, you can achieve greater level of security in Windows Dedicated Server. It is entirely your decision to cherry-pick the security for your website. Backup is provided by the service provider.

Clearly, a dedicated server outweighs the shared one in more than one aspects. You are the captain of the ship with this choice. The extra cost is totally worth it.

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