It All Depends On Me

When it all depends on you what usually happens? Do you always come through with a sterling performance or a great idea? Do you try hard but come up short? Or do you collapse, emotionally, under the weight of it all?

If you’re a small business owner and leader, you probably run through scenarios like this in your head all the time. Probably late at night, when you should be sleeping. That’s because you often feel like it does all depend on you. And sometimes it really does all depend on you, though probably not as often as you think. That’s life in an entrepreneurial business. But you need not be overwhelmed by that counter-productive experience of pressure. Yes, there may be times when much rides on your decisions, on your behavior, and on your competence as a business operator and manager. But there’s a way you can be prepared for those few moments.

And far more frequently you have – or should have – resources  and organisational skillsupon which you can draw that not only will lift some of the pressure you’re feeling but which will help you make better decisions, to react better to the business challenges you face, and to perform better the basic tasks of managing a business.

A great way to avoid that counter-productive “it all depends on me” scenario is to lean on a leadership team. A leadership team one of the critical building blocks of the Entrepreneurial Operating System. EOS is a package of simple concepts and practical tools that, once implemented. Can help you efficiently and accurately respond to virtually every challenge you might face. As the leader of an entrepreneurial organization. Because EOS is a simple yet comprehensive process. You won’t feel the need to re-invent the wheel every time a new challenge comes up. You can draw on the concepts. Tools that have helped thousands of other small business people successfully address similar challenges. And it’ll work for your organization, whether yours is an organization of one or several hundred.

The Entrepreneurial Operating System is a holistic approach to managing a small business. It’ll show you how to break down your operations – no matter how small or large they are – into six key components: Vision, People, Data, Issues, Process, and Traction. Once you are able to define a problem by which one (or more) of these key component categories it fits into you. And your team can then focus in on the root cause of the problem. The idea is not to merely address the problem as it appears on the surface but to look deeply into the problem. So that you can understand it accurately and devise a permanent, effective solution.

By properly defining and examining the problem your small business faces. You can define what is – and just as importantly, what ISN’T – important about it. With EOS in place, you can then make sure every member of your team both understands their role in resolving the problem and envisions. What the operation will look like once those steps have been taken and the problem has been successfully resolved. That creates a sense of responsibility and accountability throughout your organization, concepts that are key to any company’s long term success.