The Perfect Checking As Per Your Requirement

Checking containers for marriage is one of the most important stages in the production of drinks and other food products in liquid form. The bottles should not have the slightest damage, such as cracks, scratches, and other things. Also, the contents of the packaging may not contain any foreign objects and particles. It is quickly and easily to identify the above points in production helps high-quality technological equipment for the detection of marriage.

Visual quality control with the new technology

The CCD visual inspection machines company produces and sells efficient equipment for the food industry. We manufacture, including high-quality machines for visual quality control of products.

The principle of operation of these units is to move the containers around the copier so that the operator can comfortably inspect the containers for defects. After identifying a defect, the bottle is immediately removed from the total mass by pressing a button on the remote control. The equipment “remembers” the shortcomings of defective bottles and in the future gets rid of a significant amount of unacceptable containers in automatic mode. Defective products are removed from the general conveyor through a separate conveyor for marriage. At the same time, the saleable bottles are moving along the conveyor for the next operation. A visit to makes things clear for you now.

Thanks to this functionality, a non-stop process of eliminating defects and the production of high-quality products without disadvantages becomes possible. Getting the support of the CCD visual inspection System supplier is easy now.

It produces two types of similar equipment:

  • automatic carousel with inverter;
  • Linear VK-6.

Our equipment is able to interest you due to:

High performance

Machines process from 3 to 6 thousand units of packaging in one hour of operation.


This technological equipment has such dimensions that it can be conveniently placed at production facilities of various scales.

Ease of use. Units have a simple design, so any employee can learn how to handle them.

Equipment for visual quality control of products from the manufacturer

The company manufactures technological products and sells them directly. Due to the lack of intermediaries, you get quality goods at an affordable price. Ordering equipment is carried out taking into account your wishes, as well as the nuances of your production. Therefore, you can be sure that the machine for visual quality control of products will ideally fit into the existing infrastructure at the enterprise.

  • All technological equipment of our production is covered by a one-year warranty.
  • We install the camera (the best quality) in this area if the quality is good.
  • If not good, it will be picked out by machinery automatically.


It made the interface of the monitoring system and the human-computer.

Through the start signal of the PLC output, after receiving the signal, collect the images

The real-time image obtained by the process standard proposed by the client for processing and analysis and the output will come out to the interface of the alarm control system and human-machine.


  1. Warranty: 3 years.

We will adjust the machine well for one week before delivery, ensures that the machine has a perfect performance.