Instagram Launches IGTV- A New Challenge For YouTube

Facebook owned Instagram, has recently launched a long form video creating app named IGTV. The new app will soon be available on main Instagram app along with iOS and Android. Many celebrity Ingrammers have already started their channel on Instagram’s pursual. The list includes Kim Kardashian West and the famous dog Jiffpom. The app is all set to give tough competition to YouTube in term of both numbers and features. Instagram currently has 1 billion active users and is fast growing. IGTV also has some innovative features as discussed below


The app is designed for creating and watching long duration videos. The main distinctive feature from Instagram is that there is no feed, pictures or stories. Unlike the one-minute Instagram videos, on IGTV can be a whole one-hourlong. Another major distinction is that it is built for how phones are used. The videos will be in vertical format.While watching you will no longer need to turn the phone around.


IGTV is easy to access. One can simply download and start the app. For the ones you follow their videos will appear automatically. Clicking on “following” you can check the latest posts. There is a “For You” option for video suggestions based on your information. You can also watch “popular” videos which people are watching across IGTV. One can also finish watching videos that were previously left midway. To start your own channel, click on your profile picture and follow some easy steps to create your channel. Now, when you want to upload a video you can share by clicking a plus button. It should be noted that IGTV videos must be recorded elsewhere like the built-in camera app, and then shared from the camera roll.


IGTV has been created prioritizing mobile users. The increased time of videos means more time spent on Instagram and better revenues. The facility is open for anyone wishing to create a channel. Users can comment while watching the videos. If one makes an IGTV channel it will appear alongside the Story highlights in the main profile. One will also receive notifications of new videos of people with IGTV channels, if one is following them. IGTV will not feature any advertisements in the beginning but it is highly possible it will do so in the future. Co-founder and CEO, Kevin Systrom has apprised that the video creators can also capitalize through brand partnerships.


IGTV could also entice some of the most renowned video creators to create content of itself instead of YouTube. Despite its massive popularity YouTube is twice the size of Instagram. It is presently the most popular social network among American teens according to a study by Pew Research Centre. It remains a difficult game for Instagram’s new creation to offer lucrative features to sustain in the market.

IGTV is planning to bank on new trends among teens. In the Press Conference Systrom pointed out that teens are now watching less television than ever. This might explain the rising popularity of game show like videos in Facebook and IGTV.