4 Useful Tools For Product Marketing On Instagram

Enriching any business, whether online or offline, requires a lot of efforts and expertise and most importantly ‘patience’.

And since instagram has become a business trademark over the last 2 to 3 years, it is no exception to this rule.

Getting exposure on instagram can be a headache, especially when you’re just setting a startup or beginning with your instagram business.

Every now and then, i have seen people asking about shortcuts to boost their followers on instagram. If you’re subtle enough, there is a good chance you will end up amassing your profile but that obviously needs patience (as I stated earlier).

Now, I am sure you have gone through all the cliché (umm, not so cliché) tips and tricks for boosting your audience. Whether you have or not, bear them again with me because, whatsoever, these are the first and foremost steps to increase your supporters on instagram.

  • Content quality
  • Engagement with public
  • Building relations
  • Proper social media marketing
  • Authenticity of services
  • Giveaways and shout outs
  • Collaboration with brands
  • Smart hashtag usage

We won’t go into the details of these steps as I am going to take you somewhere else. *eager to find out?* I know.

No doubt these steps are credible enough to take you to the next level on instagram. Nevertheless, you may require certain tools that have designed to keep a record of the metrics and logistics of Instagram likes, engagements, views, and account followings and un-followings.

A bunch of plausible analysis tools for Instagram are introduced over the course of time, I am gonna mention the most tried and tested ones for your ease.


Iconosquare is competitive enough to keep account of both your profile and your followers, this feature makes it most prominent among the top brands and businesses.

Hashtags, location tags, trending filters, Instagram progress history, peak posting hours, media growth report, all these and many other aspects are precisely analyzed by this app.


Since this blog is about expanding your Instagram community, this tool will help you keep a record of your posts, the number of followers and moreover interests of your followers by analyzing the comments and most liked pictures of your profile.


Sprout is your “go-to” app for Instagram in 2019. It’s automatized reporting and intuitive strategic planning helps you design the perfect layout for your business growth.

Sprout studies market competitors and update you according to the market trends. It optimizes your profile operations and guides you accordingly.

Mentioned above are some elite tactics to make you a pro in Instagram world.

Still, Some brands -in spite of running blindly after the tips and tricks- can’t seem to outnumber their followers. In this case, you can always go to my secret *which by the way, is not actually a secret* option.

What secret?- You’re perhaps thinking

Instagram algorithm – according to an audit carried out in 2019- revealed that almost all the notable public figures have (at least once in their career) bought instagram followers.

“Yes, you heard it right”.

After all the fuss instagram attained, businesses struggle to achieve as many followers as possible, to fit in the market but failing these attempts make them go for the other way around (buying followers).

Dozens of apps and websites now offer instagram likes, comments and followers at awfully cheap rates and instapple is one of them.

You can buy 1000 followers on instagram from instapple.comat immensely reasonable rates. Their packages include a wide range of options, for instance: Instagram likes, Instagram comments and evidently, instagram followers.

We provide satisfactory services that too, in the shortest period of time.

But wait! Here i am going to do a quick reality check.

Buying instagram followersmay seem unethical and as a matter of fact, it is somewhat unethical. Because as per the terms and conditions of instagram you can get banned if you are detected to have a number of unusual followers.

But purchasing a few thousand followers is not that bigger deal. (IMO)

Why? Purchased followers will just be a number of inactive accounts or bots with 0% engagements or sometimes a little involvement on posts but eventually, they will end up being dead. And your organic followers will remain as your community in the long run.