Now Add Music To Your Insta Stories

Instagram users will soon be spoilt for choices. After the launch of IGTV,Instagram is making another breakthrough with the launch of another feature. Soon you can add music to Insta Stories with a new music sticker. The upcoming option has generated a lot of enthusiasm amongst the users.

The update also underscores the popularity of Stories in Instagram. After adding the feature to Instagram, two years back Facebook also extended it to Messenger, WhatsApp and the Facebook app. The feature will be available on android shortly.


You can add music to your story following a few simple steps. After starting Instagram on your device, launch the camera swiping right from left and you will find a new music option below the record button. You can also add music once you have captured the video. When you tap to add a sticker, you can see the music icon. Now you will have a plethora of songs at your disposal.

You can also browse by categories like what’s trending, mood or genre. You can listen a preview by clicking the play button before you zero down a song. Once you have selected you can fine tune it to make it more suitable to the context. Forinstance, you can rewind the song and add only a section of the song that is relevant to your story. When your story looks and sounds good you can share it as usual.

Instagram has a massive music collection. In case you wish to add your personal music, you can also do that. To do so, launch the music app on your phone. Select the desired song and tap on it. Using the time bar, select the segment of the song you would like to add. After this pause the song. Now open Instagram app and tap the camera icon. Go to the control center by swiping up from the bottom. Now access music preferences by swiping left and play the song. Press the shutter button to begin recording. Once you finish recording, upload the story.


It is still unclear as to who Instagram collaborated with to bring out the new music feature. This sort of a built-in soundtrack is unprecedented in the app. Built in playlists needs licensing deals which can be a complicated and expensive process. A spokesperson has revealed that Facebook Inc. has been associating with music companies around the globe, to bring music to more experiences.

The recent move will not go down well with rival companies like Snapchat Snap, had invented the stories feature but today figures much below Instagram on the popularity index. It currently has around 191 million daily users which is less than half of Instagram stories. It remains to be seen how Snapchat plans to take the fight forward.