The Human Touch: How Interaction And Technology Create Magic?

HRIS software is revolutionizing the way human resource management is done. The usage of data and analytics is on an all-time hike. Whether it is performance, recruitment, training or payroll, reports to gauge productivity are just a few clicks away now. Even after knowing all the benefits it gives, HR are intimidated.

No matter what, there are some things that can never be automated and one of them is human interaction. However, you can also not escape the fact that HR software in India and abroad is a need. When the balance between technology and interaction is found, the experience of not just employees but employers, HR and candidate improve manifold. Here is how you can strike a balance between the two to weave magic.

Subjective evaluation- Software are designed to filter and manage large chunks on information and data. What they get are numbers and figures. Hence, the software can help you with the data related to the number of employees who are not performing well. The next step is on you. You talk to the employees to know if there’s some personal problem or professional grudge?

Human interaction- Emotions and behavior aren’t something that best HR software in India or abroad are designed to ascertain. Take the example of recruitment, candidates can be sourced using the software, the database can be maintained, but the calls cannot be. So, use the software to save sourcing time and then call the candidates, brief them about the job, gauge their interest, and shortlist the ones that fit.

Moreover, the chatbots may answer the simple question related to navigation, the employee profile etc that they are designed to answer, they cannot answer the complex questions like why have I not got appraisal this year? The software may answer the question according to the data he has but a human is required to show empathy and have a real talk about it.

Work environment- The software can indirectly help in improving and maintaining the environment by intimidating when there is a decrease in employee retention rate, etc. The job of finding the real cause behind it is on HR. Besides, when a new employee joins, the software manages the data but to make the employee comfortable with his workspace, team and everything else has to be done by the HR. Interacting with the chatbot won’t suffice, only a human can comfort a human.

Negotiation- Again, HRIS software in India or abroad, as of now are incapable of negotiating. Facial experience, tone, body language are what HR can use to negotiate. A software can to the most give a figure up to which the candidate can come down.

Employee preferences- Employees prefer human interaction over chatbots. They may have started embracing technology but not as much. Whether it’s recruiting, retention or any office dispute, the HR has to intervene. The problems can be escalated using software and the HR can handle the matter thereafter.

In short, let the software do the data management and analysis while increasing your focus on interaction with the new, current and prospective talent. Let the magic happen!